Powrachute Light Sport Aircraft

Featuring the Awesome Airwolf.

Intelligently engineered and designed. Tough and reliable with superior performance! If you simply want the best of everything, settle for nothing less than the 912 Airwolf. It’s Rotax 4 stroke 100 HP powerplant will take you over mountains and carry high payloads in thin air. Extended flight time with less fuel burn and an impressive 2000 hour “To Be Overhauled” (TBO) time. This truly is a remarkable aircraft! From the first time you take flight in the Airwolf, you will notice the smooth power of the 912, there is nothing else like it! For the pilot that demands the best, the Powrachute 912 Airwolf is the perfect choice. This machine is available as either an E-LSA or S-LSA Certified. Fly the Best!

Comfort, safety, and superior design best describes the Powrachute Pegasus 582. You’ll be amazed by its incredible performance that exceeds any PPC in its class. Pegasus … with its unmatched climb rate, durable construction, and superior reliability … truly makes this a remarkable 2 place Light Sport Aircraft. See it for yourself and you’ll agree that the Pegasus is the ultimate affordable PPC. The Pegasus is available as either E-LSA or SLSA. Schedule a flight today and see why the Pegasus is making dreams come true.

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APCO Cruiser Powered Parachute Wings

Apco Cruiser wings available in 400, 500 & 550 sizes, so you get the right wing for your aircraft.


Models available are the Standard original Cruiser, Cruiser S & the newest model to the Apco lineup is the Cruiser GT. Apco cruiser wings are the ONLY wing designed from the ground up for Powered Parachutes in the 21st century, and made in Apco’s own factory, not outsourced to China or other Asian countries. Being made in Apco’s own factory allows Apco to maintain the highest quality control, insuring that YOUR NEW CRUISER will be right, right out of the box. It will make any Powered Parachute fly like a new aircraft, better than when it was first flown. The Cruisers handle great, yet are very docile when on the ground. An easy wing to fly for students, as well as high time pilots. When we here at Inland Paraflite switched out the square wing on our Airwolf to a new Cruiser 550, I was amazed at the improvement in climb performance, agility in how quick I could turn when desired, as well as the great flare authority it had. The best way to describe it is I went from flying a C-130 to an F-16. WOW is all I could say after my 1st flight with a new Apco Cruiser.


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